Mountain biking opens up in May. Check back here for updates.




We are thankful for awesome volunteers, yearly permit holders, and honest hikers and riders who bought a daily permit. Northside wouldn't exist if it wasn't for all of you!




It's great snowshoeing right now!

If you've never snowshoed before, you need to try it. It's easy, fun and a wonderful way to explore the winter wonderland. The animal tracks are clearly visible and the mountains have a heightened contrast compared to the all green summer.


The two most popular winter hiking trails in Taos Ski Valley are the Bull Of The Woods Trail and Williams Lake Trail, both on public land. They will be packed and easy to follow.


If you snowshoe Northside, Bull Of The Woods Road and Frazer Mountain Road are easy to follow and packed because of the snowmobile tours. If you encounter a tour, please step to the downhill side of the road to let the tour pass.


Please purchase your permit before heading up to Northside, as the snow and cold renders everything at our kiosk unusable.


Check out the Snowshoeing page for more information and suggested  routes.






Last Spring we completed the newly revised Gold Camp Trail! No more riding up the Mothers (unless you actually like them) and hiking your bike up Hike-A-Bike.


This was our most extensive trail build to date. Thank you to these incredibly talented trail builders: Jeff, Bill, Rey, Doug, Graham, Tim, Bob, Emily, Jess, Lucas, Shannon, Christof, Renato, Brad, Harper and Rowan. We absolutely couldn't have pulled this off without every one of you!


You'll know what we mean when you see it.


The upper section of Gold Camp Trail is now renamed, Hike-A-Bike.




"Like" us on Facebook and post some of your pics please. Thanks for riding, hiking and running Northside!


Thanks to all who ran the 2nd annual
Bull Of The Woods Trail Races

 September 16, 2017



Mark your calendars for

September 15, 2018


TBA next Spring
We always have tons of trail work to do and never enough time to do it. Whether it's a formal work day or not, if you would like to help and earn yourself a Yearly Combo access permit, please contact us and let's make these trails better!


We had two great trail work days on July 1st and 21st. Huge thank you to Dan, Bridger, LJ, Doug, Tze, Happy, Shannon, Steven, and the kiddos for helping us work on the existing section of Gold Camp Trail to get it finished.


A full trail work day (9-4) will get you a free yearly Combo access permit. Yummy lunch is provided. No need to hit the gym...we've got you covered!


Please contact us if you can help and include your phone number. Thank you very much!



Thanks to Taos Mountain Energy Bars for fueling our trail work days!

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