We are excited to announce the completion of the newly revised Gold Camp Trail!!! No more riding up the Mothers (unless you actually like them) and hiking your bike up Hike-A-Bike.


This was our most extensive trail build to date. Thank you to these incredibly talented trail builders: Jeff (4 days), Bill (2 days), Rey, Doug, Graham, Tim, Bob, Emily, Jess, Lucas, Shannon, Christof, Renato, Brad, Harper and Rowan. We absolutely couldn't have pulled this off without every one of you!


You'll know what we mean when you see it.


The upper section of Gold Camp Trail will now be renamed, Hike-A-Bike.


All trails are open and rideable with the exception of these:

Drainage Trail

Deer Trail (near Crossover)


These trails have downfall, but are passable:

Overlook Trail

Crossover Trail


The snow on Frazer Mtn. Rd. at Deer Trail is passable now.


It's time to renew your access permits. We've ditched the seasonal MTB permit and now going to a yearly one. You'll get some new Northside stickers too! Thank you!





There are still deep snow drifts on north facing heavily wooded areas. The Spring wildflowers are coming out and everything is green! We've spotted Fairy Slippers and the Red Columbine's are going to town.






"Like" us on Facebook and post some of your pics please. Thanks for riding and hiking Northside!



June 29 Thurs.

July 1 or 2

With the completion of Gold Camp Trail, we will focus on some other trails that need TLC. Hours count towards a free yearly permit. Lunch will be provided. No need to hit the gym...we've got you covered!


Please contact us if you can help and include your phone number. Thank you very much!




Thanks to Taos Mountain Energy Bars for fueling our trail work days!


Mark your calendars!
Bull Of The Woods Trail Races

 September 16, 2017
8 Mile OR Half Marathon!

Be the Bull

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